new drawing July


Finished drawing of my uncle as a four year old from a very small degraded image taken almost one hundred years ago.

It’s been in the works for a while – no title yet, but thinking maybe “a serious boy” or something like that, we’ll see. The woods were added as he was always quite a solitary person and I felt that the misty woodland gave the image a sense of solitude and mystery.

Graphite on watercolour paper 37.5cm x 54.5 cm


new drawing in april

Continuing my series of portraits, here is the most recent, entitled “War Baby”. There is a good deal of symbolism embedded in this image – again it has been an evolutionary process and one I continue to enjoy.

“War Baby” graphite on watercolour paper 37.5cm x 54.5 cm

War Baby


New drawing

A new year and a new drawing – tentatively entitled “The Approaching Storm” (but that may change) graphite on watercolour paper 37 x 53.5cm

Drawing for me is a contemplative process, nothing happens quickly and the image evolves as I go, so it can take some time to complete. It has given me ideas for a series in a similar vein… so more to come.

The Coming Storm

autumn in the suburbs

Here in Australia we don’t get the spectacular shows of colour with the advent of autumn that are seen in the northern hemisphere as most of our native trees are evergreens. It is therefore a rare treat to see these displays, mostly in suburban gardens, of introduced deciduous varieties.

So it was a delight when I woke a couple of days ago to a wonderful misty morning which transformed into a glorious, sparkling autumn day, making those changing colours glow. Some trees however had succumbed to their winter dormancy of twiggy lattices, a skeletal framework against the clear sky.

What a joy!


remarkable work from Dr Eiichi Tosaki

I recently had the privilege of seeing Dr Eiichi Tosaki’s drawing work and a live ‘lights’ performance piece at Etch Gallery in Geelong. The process is fascinating to watch and by its nature ephemeral. Nonetheless it leaves an impression long after the actual performance. To see his work please click on the link below.


Sometimes the universe just hands you a gift. Natural early morning light, low angle, light bouncing off the inside of a pane of glass, creating this wonderful effect. I took several at different settings, however decided on this image as the others looked ‘processed’ even though they were straight out of the camera. Enjoy!